La Vie En Rose

Welcome to our new website!

We have created a space. A happy, calm and exclusive place. A secret garden dotted with white-clothed, pink-dotted tables where you exhale your day, get comfortable and indulge your senses. All of them.

This is La Vie en Rose.

Your sanctuary, away from the din of the city. We give you an elite eating experience. Clean and simple. Romantic yet child-friendly. The perfect balance between elegance, energy and ease.

This is La Vie en Rose.

Where our sublimely fusion-inspired menu gives you the option of indulging in your favourite comfort food, tucking into something light (with a delectable twist), or taking the high road into luxurious decadence.

This is La Vie en Rose.

Where the blending of cooking styles and backgrounds means that everything you taste is unique. Where you’re close enough to work and home to find us deeply convenient, and still an urban refuge. Where every visit is memorable.

Open from 7am to 10pm, Tuesday – Sunday and 7am to 5pm Mondays for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Utterly rose-tinted.