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They say that Mom’s kitchen is the best place to learn and this is where Rony acquired her foodieness: at her mother’s side. And, in combining a Moroccan background with extensive gastronomic experiences of India, Germany and New York, Rony has conceived a new form of fusion for KCC – La Vie en Rose.
A people’s person, with a background in entertainment, hosting and hospitality come naturally to Rony, as does her love for generous abundance, plated.


Yanky’s idea of the perfect eatery is an unpretentious, relaxed environment with a ‘mi casa es su casa’ vibe. Only the most exquisite food and service will do and with the stellar reputation that precedes him, you can trust that Yanky delivers with dedication, charisma and zeal. His spot? Usually, the spot.



Al Fresco Dining

We have created a space. A happy, calm and exclusive place. A secret garden dotted with white-clothed, pink-dotted tables where you exhale your day, get comfortable and indulge your senses. All of them.

Your sanctuary, away from the din of the city. We give you an elite eating experience. Clean and simple. Romantic yet child-friendly. The perfect balance between elegance, energy and ease.

Ideal for various functions.

Our Management Team

The core philosophy of La Vie en Rose is the capacity to view life through rose-tinted lenses; with attention to the positive, the vibrant, the pretty.

Here, the food-loving public is invited to step out of the madness and mayhem of the typical day, and to step into a welcoming, friendly and delicious setting; a haven for good conversation, good memories and spectacular eating.

A La Vie en Rose experience is rose-like in many ways, but above them all, it is multi-sensory: with smells, feelings, tastes, sounds and sights that inspire.

Our Team

La Vie en Rose Team

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